AP United States History
20th Century

Wiki Page Project


In groups of two, students will create a wiki page on one of the decades in the 20th century. This page will identify the following themes from each decade:
1. American Identity: How did this decade address what it means to be an American?
2. American Diversity: What were the stories of people from different ethnic backgrounds?
3. Culture: How did the era contribute to American Culture?
4. Economic Transformations: What economic circumstances helped or hurt America?
5. Religion: How did religious beliefs shape the period?
6. Politics and Citizenship: How did political leadership contribute to the period and what was its impact on the citizens?
7. Globalization: How did America move closer to globalization?

Each page must be organized so it touches on these aspects. If you do not follow this format, then it will affect your grade. These are themes that we have been concentrating on since the beginning of the year. Look at your ten year period and apply them.

Documentary Project: You will use these pages as the basis for your Documentary Project, which is due the week of 6-8-09. See the link to the left for the details in the project: Click here: Documentary Project


Your page should include primary and secondary sources, images, and even video if possible. You will break down the major topics of that period (ie. 1920s, Jazz Age, Prohibition, Great Gatsby,Charles Linbergh, etc.) and put them in the proper theme, which was explained above. These pages will be used to review for the AP exam, which is May 8th this year.

Each group will take a decade in United States History and demonstrate how each generation contributed to United States History. You will use books, the internet and any other sources possible to accomplish this task. Be creative and have fun. Your wiki page is due APRIL 29th.


1910s – Progressivism, Women’s Suffrage, and WWI (Rob, Tony and Cody)
1920s – The Jazz Age and a return to “Normalcy” (Jessie and Sara)
1930s – The Depression Era and The New Deal (Connor & Ali)
1940s – World War II and the Cold War (Stacy & Lauren)
1950s – Civil Rights, The age of Television, and Popular Culture (Liana & Heather)
1960s – New Frontier, Vietnam, and Civil Rights (Natali & Alyssa)
1970s – The end of Vietnam and Watergate (Hannah & Sarah)
1980s – Regan and the cold war (Josh and Zach)
1990s – Clinton, the computer age, and globalization. (Lucia & Sam)


Any information you use should be documented. I want you to number the source and add the URL or bibliographic citation at the bottom of the page. Here is an example:

In the Second World War, America was attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. Franklin Roosevelt's leadership played a role in the rise to America's prominence. "When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Roosevelt directed organization of the Nation's manpower and resources for global war."(1) This use of America's resources played a vital role in the war. Many called it the "Arsenal of Democracy."

(1) http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents/franklindroosevelt/

Keep track of all your sources and be sure that if you choose to quote the source directly you put it in quotes and cite it. Should you choose to the paraphrase you should also cite it. Here is an example of a paraphrase:

In October 1962, John F. Kennedy reacted to the Soviet Union placing nuclear weapons in Cuba with a quarantine of the island. This was considered by many the most dangerous time in the cold war. The world was on the brink of nuclear war, but Kennedy was able to stave off conflict through diplomatic channels.(2)

(2) http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents/johnfkennedy/

See me with any questions on this aspect of the project. It is important that you keep track of all sources. They can serve as a resource for your classmates.

Review Questions

Finally, you will create 5 Multiple Choice questions and 1 Short Essay Question that can serve as a way for your classmates to review for the exam. The short essay question should resemble an Essential Question. These questions will be at the bottom of the the page you hand in on APRIL 29th. As another piece of this project, you will all have to complete those questions and hand them in by MAY 4th.

In addition to using this project as a study tool for the AP exam, it will also serve as a jumping board for your Documentary Project, which we will begin after the AP exam.