AP United States History
Documentary History Project

Assignment: In groups of two, students will create a documentary on a decade in United States history that you were assigned for your wiki project. This documentary will be created using iMovie or some video editing software, whichever medium the group feels most comfortable using. The documentary will be at least five minutes in length and incorporate “various methods of media.”

Each group will take their decade in United States History and demonstrate the issues and problems each generation faced in United States History. You will use books, the internet, and interview at least one teacher or relative to help describe these issues. I recommend that you video record these individuals (with their permission), if you plan to use them in the documentary.

Assessment: You will be assessed on the stages of design and development as well as the documentary itself. Below are the different stages as well as due dates for each step in this project:

1. Outline: This stage of the project will include a brief outline of the topic you will be presenting and how you plan to present it. This part of the process should explain how you plan to present the project. Must be typed Due 5-15-09

2. Works Cited: This stage of the project should explain and show all of your sources that help explain the issues that were prevalent in the period you are researching. Your sources should include at least one book that explains the period. At this point, you will present your interview of a teacher or relative. You are required to hand in the questions you asked them. Must be typed Due 5-20-09

3. Primary Sources: In this stage of the process you will list what primary sources you plan to use in your project. I recommend using music, movies, newspapers, or any other popular form. The goal is to demonstrate how these sources help us see the period as it was. Must be typed Due 5-22-09

4. Storyboard: You must create a series of scenes that you plan to shoot and edit into your documentary. Your storyboard is Due: 5-29-09

Here are a few links to help you create your storyboard. This is an important part of the project and should be done with great care. I like the top one the best.




5. Editing: At this stage you should have all your media imported into iMovie and are editing the final version. We will work on this in class.

6. Presentation: You will present your decade to the class. Due 6-8-09 to 6-12-09