THE 1980's

Diversity In The 1980's: Diversity in the 1980s was very different than in any other decade previous. Blacks and whites were getting along for the most part and ethnic and racial discrimination was no longer part of the big picture. The diversity in this time period mainly foucused on music and the styles of this time, not on racial issues. However there were some new things coming about. One thing was that women were gaining more respect in the workplace. They were begining to be refered to as just Ms instead of Miss or Mrs. Therefore, they could have one abreviation like guys who were called Mr. Another thing that came about was gay rights. Gays were starting to become more widley accepted, as well as the lifestyles of gays spreading out around the world.
However, due to the fact that the gay culture was spreading, a silent killer, the AIDS virus, was spreading rampantly. This disease took thousands of lives before and awareness program was developed about the seriousness of the disease.
external image silence_equals_death.gif&usg=AFQjCNGvzwWmxcoxuFT-PoGCbtCd9RwUew
An AIDS awareness campaign poster.
80's Culture:
* 1980 summer Olympics were held in Moscow where the US and 64 other countries boycotted it because of the 1979 soviet invasion of afganistan.

  • The 1984 summer Olympics were held in los angeles in which most of the communits world boycotted this one in revenge for the 1980 boycott
  • The 1984 winter Olympics where held in Sarajevo eugoslavia
  • The 1988 winter Olympics were held in Calgary Canada where Jamaica gained most of the attention for their first ever bobsled team
  • 1988 summer Olympics were held in seoul
  • MTV was created
  • There was a live aid concert in 1985 to raise money and food for eitheopia in which many artists performed
  • Glam metal, punk, and heavy metal rose to popularity during this time.
  • Micheal Jackson became a figurehead for the music industry, and also set many of the fashion trends of the time. His album 'Thriller" topped billboard charts, and was also cretited with being the first album with a music video shot.
external image michaeljacksonthriller.jpg&usg=AFQjCNFrx4XZZotQdwMxIuEOfD3WmDTfKw
Cover of Micheal Jacksons "Thriller" album.
1. ETexternal image et.jpg&usg=AFQjCNGT1Ctt-4IBOzH4ZLo9JyLkFVxsHA
2. star wars episode 6
3. star wars episode 5
4. batman
5. Raiders of the lost ark
6. ghostbusters
7. Beverly hills cop
8. back to the future
9. indiana jones the last crudsade
10. Indiana jones and the temple of doom

FACTS about this decade.
Population: 226,546,000
Unemployed in 1980:
National Debt: 1980 - $914,000,000,000
National Debt: 1986 - $2,000,000,000,000
Average salary: $15,757
Life Expectancy: Male 69.9 Female 77.6
Minimum Wage: $3.10
BMW was $12,000; Mercedes 280 E was $14,800
Attendance: Movies 20 million/week

was up 35 percent, though the number of users had declined. Nancy Reagan's Just Say No campaign had great influence.
Single Parent Households in the 80s
Single Parent Households in the 80s

A graph showing family facts in America.

The Challenger: The challenger was a significant event in the 1980s. On April 4th 1983, the challenger space shuttle blew up, due to a fuel problem, 43 seconds after takeoff. The crew of 7 was killed, including a teacher from Florida. After this event, another space shuttle was not launched until 1992.

The Economic Transformations During The 80's:
America endured a deep recession in 1982 in which farmers were hit especially hard. As a result, intrest rates rose. Then in 1983, the economy bounced back and the united states began a time of great economic growth, the longest since world war II. Consumers started spending a lot more money due to a federal taxt cut that regan put into place. In the years 1982 to 1987 america created 13 million new jobs. However, in 1987, an uexpected stock market crash occurred, which in turn made many citizens question the overall stability of the economy. A big seller during this time was new computers and VCRs, which hit global markets big, and the two items became more popular and easier to use. Casset tapes also started to become more of a ussage compared to the vinal records which where the only thing people could listen to music on before.

external image pet_2001.jpeg&usg=AFQjCNFipAZ0YW4oKG_-SlSIv-fmmBp9mw
A classic computer sold in the 1980s.

Religions Of The 80's:
The 1980s was a period of restructuring many religions throughout the US. In the mid 1980s , surveys showed there was a decline in mainline protestant sects. Poles in 1986 were reporting that 3 in 10 americans felt comfortable
Globilazation in the 80s was a big part of 80s history. One most notable thing was President Ronald Regans preventative measures on spreading communism and/or stoping it. He directly challenged communism and the soviet union by telling the communists to tear down the berlin wall, which in turn happened, and put an end to communism. Due to this fact the world finally looked like it would be at peace for a little while. But little did anyone know, it wouldnt last. (Ronald Regans Famous "Tear Down This Wall" Speech)

Politics and Citizenship:
Election of 1980:

The 1980 presidential election was based on national insecurity. After world war II the unites states emergerd as the world superpower. During the election Americans were more worried about high unemployment, interest rates, and double digit inflation.

Jimmy Carter was president at the time. Many americans believed that he had done a horrible job as being president and did not do much positive for the nation. In 1980, Regan was elected president. At first, when he first started is run for the white house, many thought he was a joke, due to the fact he was an actor and could never fulfill the job as president.However as time progressed, he prooved to be a sign of hope for the nation. When elected, it was known that the Regan administration woud bring change to the United States. He was re-elected in 1984 for his second term. However, when 1986 came around, republicans lost gound in the senate. Many believed that this was a sign the Regan administration was going to fail. Though, he pushed through and ran his administration to the last year in 1988, and in that election, George Bush, who was Regan's vice president, was elected to the presidency.

Cold War: With Mikhail Gorbachev accession to power in the Soviet Union in 1985, two superpowers were brought down. During 1989 almost every Communist government in Europe fell and was replaced by a new democratic government. The Berlin Wall was torn down which was the defining moment in Reagans presidency. The Cold War had just ended which has been going on since the end of World War II.
Scandal: Reagan was seventy when he took office in January 1981, was the oldest president ever to serve. Some members of his administration had been illegally selling weapons to Iran in return for the Iranians promise of help in securing the release of Americans held hostage by Shiites in Beirut.

After: George Bush took office in 1989 and was faced with foreign policy challenges because we could no longer use the cold war as an organizing tool.

American Identity: In the 1980s what it meant to be an american was that you wanted to help the spread of democracy and get rid of communism world wide. The 1980s became the "me, me, me" genaeration of people trying to get noticed. It also sparked the saying of "if you got it flaunt it"which meant to pretty much show off your money. Many people started using credit cards and were buying a lot more. Video games and aerobics were on the top of everyones to do list. Pretty much everybody in America was like look at me, we are the worlds superpoewer.

1. In what year was the berlin wall torn down?
B. 85
D. 89

2. How old was Reagan when he took office in 1980?

D. 85

3. What was minimum wage in the 80s?

4. MTV was created during this decade.
5.George Bush followed Reagan in office.
Essay: In what way did taking down the Berlin wall end communism?